Sockeye Labs

My artistic practice cuts across a variety of disciplines. I focus on photography, but have deep roots in film, text and textile. I think of Sockeye Labs as an umbrella for my artistic research and development, a place to experiment with new ideas and media and to share things that inspire me.



I’ve spent most of my professional life producing documentaries for television, but my post-network life has been centered largely in the art world. I made TINY LITTLE BRILLIANT EXHIBITIONS as a gift for a friend and its reception by viewers both in and outside of art circles has been  tremendous. The enthusiastic response to it has led me to think other collectors might wish to have a similar record for their own collections. 

A professionally produced visual document like this could serve multiple purposes:

  • A legacy gift for descendants and loved ones of collectors.

  • A visual introduction for visitors to a private collection 

  • An oral history for the archives of a collection.

  • An ancillary component to a gallery or museum showing of works from the collection

As the producer and director of TINY LITTLE BRILLIANT EXHIBITIONS I’d like to invite you to consider the value of having your cherished collection of art documented on video. 


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